Sunday, July 31, 2011


Artio: Bear goddess of the Celts
The Celtic Bear Goddess and she may be in some way related to Artemis, the Greek goddess.
Some evidence of her worrship have been found in Bern, or Switzerland. Her name is thought to be derived from the word Bär, meaning bear. Several sculptures and inscriptions about Artio have been found.
But not much else is known about her.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Belenus is a sun god who goes by many names: Beli to the Welsh and Bile to the Irish to name a few. The Billingsgate in London is thought to come from Bile's Gate. He may also have a festival on May 1st called Beltaine. He also seems to have been worshipped by the Romans and may have also been known as Apollo during the Roman period.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ailill of Munster and Aine

When Ailill Olom, King of Ireland, killed Aine's foster father, she made an enchanted yew tree beside the river Maigh in Luimnech, and put a little man it to play sweet harp music, to get her revenge.
Ailill's son and step-son were passing by the river, saw the tree and heard the sweet music coming from it. They argued about who would get the tree and the little Harper. When they couldn't come to an argeement, so they asked Ailill to settle the matter, and he gave them to his own son.
Because of the bad feelings over this judgement the battle of Magh Mucraime was fought and Ailill and all seven of his sons were killed. And thus Áine got her revenge.

Thursday, July 28, 2011



Airmid is a healing goddess with a knowledge of medicinal plants. She is said to be the keeper of a spring that can bring you back to life.

She was one of the Tuatha Dé Danann. With her father, Dian Cecht, and brother, Miach, she healed those injured in the second battle of the Magh Tuiredh.

One story says that after her jealous father killed her brother, Airmid wept over his grave. Watered by her tears, all the herbs of the world grew from the earth over Miach's body, and Airmid gathered and sorted them all, spreading them over her cloak. Their father lashed out once again, scattering the herbs every where. For this reason, no living human knows all  the secrets of herbalism. Only Airmid remembers.

Its is also said that along with Dian Cecht, Ochtriullach, and Miach, Airmid was one of the enchanters whose incantation sung over the well of Sláine was able to bring back the dead.

This is just the start. There is many more gods, goddesses, and myths to come.
I hope you enjoyed the read and return for further installments!